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New Email Server Settings

** Setting Up Outlook, Other Mail Clients, and Mobile Devices  


Below are the server names, ports, and encryption settings to connect your mailboxes. 


Server Type: POP3 

Server Name: secure.emailsrvr.com 

Port: 995 

Encryption: SSL 


Server Type: IMAP 

Server Name: secure.emailsrvr.com 

Port: 993 

Encryption: SSL 


Server Type: SMTP 

Server Name: secure.emailsrvr.com 

Port: 587 or 465 

Encryption: SSL 


When entering your User Name, please enter your entire email address (e.g., myname@mydomain.com). Also, please use all lower-case letters. 


Outgoing servers require authentication. Outlook users will need to manually enable this feature. 


Step by step instructions to configure mobile devices and email clients may be obtained by your users signing in at: 





** Webmail Access 

To access webmail, use the address below: 



PCM Webmail