PCM Your Solutions Company Since '86




  • HD (4mp) Megapixel CCTV Security Camera Systems
  • POS Restaurant & Retail / Kitchen Display Systems
  • Large Area Commercial WiFi Experts
  • Web Hosting
  • Corporate Internet / Email POP/IMAP packages w/virus/Junk mail removal
  • Commercial PA / Music Systems
  • Web design and maintenance
  • Software Support
  • Low cost remote maintenance (Teamviewer)
  • Windows / NAS Server Setup
  • Expert Service on computers and networks
  • Quality computer upgrades and repairs
  • Panasonic Phone Systems / Voice Mail / Wiring
  • Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/2003/2008/Servers/Remote Access
  • On-site Service / Installation
  • Daily Offsite Data Backup Service (When data loss is not an option)
  • Email Domain and Website Hosting 
PC Masters custom-configured computers and Networks are designed to meet your specific needs with plenty of room for the future. We provide comprehensive services including: system evaluation, assembly, installation, software consulting, document conversion, training and on-site service. 

We have combined the hottest name brand components on the market to give you solution-oriented file-server and workstation configurations.  The combination adds up to unsurpassed performance, quality and dependability.

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